MODERN316 Goalie Mask Shell + Custom Roman Empire Artwork

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*For COLLECTION / SHELF DISPLAY ONLY. Cannot be worn on ice for hockey in Canada.


CUSTOM ARTWORK: Send in your design! 


Ultimate Model: (5 layers fiberglass+ kevlar (bullet proof vest material) + carbon fibre reinforcements) + Sweatband + foam padding inside - Modern NHL goalie quality)


ARTWORK INCLUDED: You choose & submit the whatever custom artwork that you want painted on your mask!

  • No exact replicas will re-created
  • All re-creations will be modified 30% from the original artworks
  • CUSTOM TOUCHES: Feel free to add your own name, number or artwork to the mask to make it personalized!


Split payments are available. 50% deposit to get your mask process started and 50% before delivery.

Wait time: 9 to 15 weeks


We would send you pictures before delivery to make sure you are 100% satisfied with everything.