Signed goalie masks by NHLsuperstars OR Design your own custom goalie masks. Vintage and Replica hockey goaltending helmet artwork. Expert airbrush artists, anything is possible. Any masks, any goalies.

Growing up as kids in Montreal, Canada in the early nineties, there was one thing that truly mattered in our schoolyards: Hockey. Hockey was the one common cultural denominator capable of bringing all us kids from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds together. Everybody got along when it was time to drop that orange ball and play a good old hockey game.

At lunch time, boys would talk about which NHL player scored the best goals, after school, we would trade hockey cards. Other teams had their own superstars, all of whom were scoring forwards: Los Angeles had Gretzky, Pittsburgh had Lemieux and Jagr, Vancouver had Bure and in Montreal? We had our own superstar. But he wasn't a forward, he was a goalie, and his name was Patrick Roy.

Roy was an emblem of excellence, determination and respect. We grew up idolizing his infamous red, white and blue goalie mask. His helmet was a sign of victory, drive and passion. The iconic mask was renowned and respected. It was without a doubt the clearest distinction of a goalie's individuality over other players.


Soon, other great goaltenders followed in Roy's footsteps. Brodeur, Potvin, all of whom came with their own styles, personalities and most of all, they came with their own iconic mask artwork. That's when our love for goalie masks grew from a simple intrigue to a burning passion. Belfour, Moog, Furh, Joseph! We started studying, comparing and analyzing all these great goaltender masks and their specific brand of individuality.

A decade later, here we are with Goalie Mask Collector!

We created a community that brings goalie mask collectors from all around the world together. It's a special place where it would be possible for hockey passionates to acquire vintage masks from their childhood that they loved and cherished so much while growing up.

We have gathered a team of elite airbrush artists and professional shell suppliers from Quebec to Ontario, New York to California, that could make all our goalie mask collector dreams come true.

Just let us know which goalie mask you're looking for. If you want to add custom touches such as your own name, number, personal images to existing masks or if you want to create your own custom masks from scratch, we are here to work with you. Anything is possible. Replicas from the nineties, vintage helmets, any masks, any goalies. Just let us know what you're looking for and together, we will make it happen!



CUSTOM ADD-ONS AVAILABLE: Add your own name, number and/or images to these masks to make them fully personalized to you. Any color changes can be done, any personal pictures can be added. Get inspired by these masks and create your own custom design!








Custom Orders

Goalies are very distinct individuals. Here, we can fully customize
your goalie mask to your own desires. Just follow these simple steps!




For Canadian Residents: All Display, Standard and Ultimate models are offered as COLLECTOR DISPLAY SHELF ITEMS ONLY and are not designed nor manufactured for on-ice wear. Collector masks are not CSA approved due to the cat-eye grills. We are not liable nor responsible for any injuries incurred by usage of the items if chosen to do otherwise. For CSA certified ice-ready masks, please refer to CCM, BAUER and VAUGHN models below for options.


Step 1: Choose your shape

Option 1: The "King316"
Option 2: The "Cat316"
Option 3: The "Modern316"

Step 2: Choose: the Display vs. Standard vs. Ultimate shell

The Display Shell is perfect for the collector that only requires a beautiful exterior. It is ideal for displays in a museum, restaurant, man cave or office. On the outside, it looks just like a finished pro-hockey mask, but it has the budget friendly quality since it does not comprise any inside padding.


Perfect if you want to expose your
collector mask for display purposes

Full size mask: Adult Large
2 layers of fibreglass
Adjustable Straps
3 layers of clear coat
Protective carry bag included
Budget friendly pricing
USD $999.95 + Taxes and S&H

The Standard Ice-ready shell is perfect for the collector that requires a beautiful exterior AND completely finished interior. It's the full package as a collector item, since essentially it is an ice ready goalie mask. Comes with inside padding and sweatband to give the full effect.


Perfect if you want the ultimate,
complete look and feel for your collector's item

Full size mask: Adult Large
5 layers of Kevlar (bullet proof vest material)
Adjustable Straps + Protective foam inside + Sweatband included
3 layers of clear coat
Protective carry bag included
Ice ready quality
USD $1199.99 + Taxes and S&H

The Ultimate Ice-Ready shell is made with 100% Kevlar + CARBON FIBER reinforcements. The same material used in bullet proof vest and the same material as modern day NHL goalies. Complete with inside padding and finished exterior, the collector's shell is as top of the line as they come.


Perfect if you want the ultimate,
complete look, feel and safety for your collector's item

Full size mask: Adult Large
5 layers of Kevlar (bullet proof vest material) + extra added CARBON FIBER reinforcements
Adjustable Straps + Protective foam inside + Sweatband included
3 layers of clear coat
Protective carry bag included
Ice ready quality
USD $1399.99 + Taxes and S&H

NOTICE: CUSTOM ADD-ONS AVAILABLE: Add your own name, number and/or images to these masks to make them fully personalized to you. We do not own copyrights on any images or team logos. By submitting your request to us, you certify that you are the rightful owner of the images and are allowed to use them for your own custom mask.

Step 3: Send us your pics and ideas

Step 4: We work with you and come up with the final product

Payment Methods & Installment Option:

We will work out all the mask details with you by email / telephone before sending your official invoice.

Split payments: 50% deposit to get your project started, 50% before shipping to make sure you are fully satisfied.


All masks will be shipped by Expedited Canada Post (tracking number included).


For CSA certified Game-ready goalie masks, please contact us directly for more information, pricing and discounts.

CCM | Vaughn | Bauer


Contact us for any questions or if you're ready to get your project started!

The scariest thing in the world is losing your mask.



I absolutely love my goalie masks. Some of my favorite times are looking for images of artwork, picking the ones I want the most and then seeing them brought to life on my own custom mask. The best part is when I receive them, it's the closest I will get to feeling like an NHL goalie legend. It's priceless.

- Loran C - Calgary, AB. Canada

You are filling a lifelong dream of mine! Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to own these memorabilia, but I could never find them. I started watching and playing hockey because of these masks. Keep up the great work. I feel like a kid on Christmas day every time I receive a new mask!

- Long V - San Francisco, CA. USA

So far, I have many masks and many more to come. The quality of their work is amazing. The details are so accurate. Even when I asked for modified vent cut-outs and different strap locations to make my custom helmet look as if they were the original masks, they make it happen. Goalie Mask Collector has never disappointed me.

- Alex P - Sydney, Australia

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2019/04/15 New Jersey, NJ Martin Brodeur 



2019/03/18 New York, NY, Henrik Lundqvist 



2019/03/09 Palm Springs, California Grant Fuhr



2019/03/05 Los Angeles, California Jonathan Quick 



2019/01/05 Toronto, Canada Dominik Hasek



2019/01/15 Los Angeles, CA Bill Ranford 




2018/11/17 Toronto, ON What an amazing Hall of Fame weekend with some of the greatest goalies of all time signing our masks. Marty Brodeur. Grant Fuhr. Marty Turco. Ed Belfour. Murray Bannerman.

Martin Brodeur Goalie Mask Collector

2018 Ed Belfour Goalie Mask Collector Sport Authentix

Grant Fuhr Goalie Mask Collector

Marty Turco

Murray Bannerman


 2018/08/25 Montreal, QC  Thank you so much for Marc-Andre and our great friends in Quebec for making this custom tribute project happen. Part of proceeds will be going to the charity of Cegep of Sorel-Tracy Foundation to help local kids' education. What a great guy with a great heart, Marc-Andre is!




 2018/09/01 Philadelphia, PA  Growing up, we always feared this goalie when our team played against him. Ron Hextall, signing our tribute masks!






 2018/08/10 New York, NY  What an honor to be able to do an interview with 1994 Stanley Cup Champion, Mike Richter!



 2018/07/17 Pittsburgh, PA.  Thank you so much to Tommy Barrasso for signing our exclusive masks! Two times 91 & 92 Stanley Cup Champion! 




2018/04/15 Boston, MA.  For the first time ever, we have the honor of Andy Moog signing our premium collector goalie masks!





2018/04/09 Toronto, ON.  Always a pleasure to meet back with this legend. Curtis CUJO Joseph!



2018/03/16 New York, NY.  One of the greatest American goalie in history. Mike Richter!




2017/10/15 Pittsburgh, PA.  Two time Stanley Cup Champion, Matt Murray from the Pittsburgh Penguins signing our collector masks!

Matt Murray_Goalie_Mask_Collector_Shop 



2017/09/24 New York, NY.  Newly autographed display goalie masks by the "KING" Henrik Lundqvist, coming soon! 




2017/09/01 New Jersey, NJ. Newly autographed Marty Brodeur masks coming up!

Marty Brodeur_signed_goalie_mask_collector_1

Marty Brodeur_signed_goalie_mask_collector_1



2017/07/01 Chicago, IL. FLY LIKE AN EAGLE. The famous RED Chicago Blackhawks homage mask. A project that started 4 months ago. It was such an honor to have Eddie Belfour hand-sign each one of our hand painted mask.





2017/03/01 Toronto, ON. Feeling blessed! The one and only, legendary Toronto Maple Leafs goalie, M. Félix Potvin signing our goalie masks!

Felix_Potvin_goalie_mask_signed_Toronto_Maple Leafs

Felix_Potvin_goalie_mask_signed_Toronto_Maple Leafs



2014/02/01 Montreal, QC. The one and only, Carey Price being presented with a gold & diamond encrusted www.armoristeele.com goalie mask in tribute to TEAM CANADA! 

ARMORI STEELE_MVP_Carey_Price_Redness of Pride_goalie mask


2013/01/01 Montreal, QC. Patrick Roy mask signing by Frozen Pond!

Patrick Roy_signing_goalie_mask_collector_Montreal_Canadiens



2018/01/21 toronto, ON. Chris Osgood signing super rare Cooper SK-2000 masks