Growing up as kids in Montreal, Canada in the early 1990's, there was one thing that truly mattered in our schoolyards: Hockey. Hockey was the one common cultural denominator capable of bringing all us kids from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds together. Everybody got along when it was time to drop that orange ball and play a good old hockey game.

At lunch time, boys would talk about which NHL player scored the best goals, after school, we would trade hockey cards. Other teams had their own superstars, all of whom were scoring forwards: Los Angeles had Gretzky, Pittsburgh had Lemieux and Jagr, Vancouver had Bure and in Montreal? We had our own superstar. But he wasn't a forward, he was a goalie, and his name was Patrick Roy.

Roy was an emblem of excellence, determination and respect. We grew up idolizing his infamous red, white and blue goalie mask. His helmet was a sign of victory, drive and passion. The iconic mask was renowned and respected. It was without a doubt the clearest distinction of a goalie's individuality over other players.



Soon, other great goaltenders followed in Roy's footsteps. Brodeur, Potvin, all of whom came with their own styles, personalities and most of all, they came with their own iconic mask artwork. That's when our love for goalie masks grew from a simple intrigue to a burning passion. Belfour, Moog, Fuhr, Joseph! We started studying, comparing and analyzing all these great goaltender masks and their specific brand of individuality.



More than 20 years later, here we are with Goalie Mask Collector!

Working with NHL goalies, player agents and private collectors, we have created a special community that brings goalie mask collectors from all around the world together. It's a special place where goalie passionates can acquire vintage, autographed goalie masks from their childhood that they loved and cherished so much while growing up.

We have gathered a team of elite artists and professional shell makers from Quebec to Ontario, New York to California, that could make all our goalie mask collecting dreams come true.


Come along and watch the tour of our HQ!


Just let us know which special goalie mask you're looking for. Signed or game worn. Or if you simply want to add custom touches such as your own name, number, personal images to existing masks.

We also specialize in hand-painted, goalie jersey art. Anything is possible. We will make it happen!


Andy Chung & The Team at Goalie Mask Collector 



As of 2023, we now have a showroom in Garden Grove, CA where you can pick up items in person.

We also have our HQ content creation and shipping facilities in Lake Elsinore, CA.