The Art of the Autograph!

There has always been a debate in the Game Used world: Autograph or No autographs. Most game worn collectors will side that they don't enjoy signatures on their game worn items. Well, I am 120% on Team Autograph! I find that a perfectly placed signature elevates the game worn item to a whole higher level! An elegant and refined autograph like Eddie Belfour's here, brings an added touch of class and personality to the piece of memorabilia. The signature adds flow and character to the artwork. An autograph means something. It's special. That's why when a person signs a contract or a letter, it validates it. An autograph is meaningful. It remains forever and defies time. I love autographs!
On that note: Thank you, Eddie Belfour for taking the time to sign our Practice Worn 2004 Team Canada World Cup goalie mask! Painted by Daveart, made by Warwick. What a beaut of a sig. And a super cool piece of Team Canada history.