Our 1st Goalie of the Month: Who Better than Grant Fuhr!

Goalie of the month means $100 OFF any GRANT FUHR Signature Edition masks this February!
What we miss the most about the pre-covid era is being on the road. Going from city to city, meeting legendary goalies and immortalizing their autographs on some timeless masks! Normally, by this time of year, we'd be seeing  somewhere near a golf course haha.
So we're starting a new thing today called "GOALIE OF THE MONTH". Each month, we will feature one NHL goalie and offer all of his/her Signature Edition masks on a promotional discount! We also encourage you guys to send in NEW mask designs of that goalie for us to do as custom orders. This should be super fun!
So with that said, I think there is no better goalie to start the "GOALIE OF THE MONTH" promo with than the legendary, 5 times Stanley Cup champion, GRANT FUHR! We're open for Signature Edition Fuhr orders, bring them on! www.goaliemaskcollector.com