OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Thank you guys much for supporting small businesses and small entrepreneurs. We nearly sold out of all Grant Fuhr masks that was on special!!! 🔥 Our businesses are small and will continue to operate as usual. Our painters work alone in their studio. Our framers work alone. Our warehouse manager packs and ships alone. I take care of sales on my own. Our web specialist works alone. No one is at risk at work. With the drastic changes in the current consumer markets, it's more important than ever to support and buy from small and mid-size enterprises that will not have a government bail outs like the big companies get. SMEs will not have commercial banks throwing low interest loans and credit at them. It's the small and medium size businesses, their contractors and their employees that will be left to fend for themselves in this economic mess. So support your local and favorite SMEs whenever possible. 🙏. On that note: The hustle is on, and we'll go harder and meaner than ever. The marathon continues. 🏁.