Mega Patrick Roy Signed Memorabilia Launch Schedule Announced!

Here's the tentative schedule, guys!

-Monday Aug 23: Small video launch of all the items we have

-Friday Aug 27: BIG OFFICIAL LAUNCH! The entire Patrick Roy Collection will be made available on our website starting 9am PST/ Noon EST.

It will be a major launch event. First come, first served basis. Direct website purchases will have the competitive edge. Payment plan requests will be accepted, but will be slower than a direct website purchase, so you might lose out on the item.

Every direct ROY website purchase for the weekend of Aug 27 to 30 will be entered into a draw of a FREE SIGNED ROY PICTURE! ♥

For any questions, please reach out to directly.

DOOR CRASHER EVENT, this is going to be so fun!!!
Game used pucks, signed jerseys, art canvases from Ronald Corey's Forum office, Forum bricks from the alley way between the ice and the players' locker room, sticks, and super unique signed Roy pictures and magazines. It's going to be madness!