Goldberg aka Shaun Weiss Signed Mighty Ducks Goalie Masks Are Here - What A Come Back Story For Shaun Weiss!

This is one of the signing projects that we've been the most proud of this season. SHAUN WEISS aka GOLDBERG from the Mighty Ducks movie franchise. Giving us one HUGE beautiful silver autograph that goes across the entire top of the tribute mask! I'm super happy about this successful signing session because of many personal reasons:

1) As a child, I must have watched and re-watched the famous D2 Mighty Ducks movie over 200+ times. It was always on repeat from the VCR. All the cousins would gather. Watch the movies, then go play hockey in the streets. The Mighty Ducks cast made hockey cool. Made roller blades cool. Made everything related to ice hockey the "it" thing. And man, was Goldberg funny!!!

2) It pained us all, when we saw those unfortunate pictures of Shaun. Battling his drug addictions and looking like he had lost the battle. BUT, just like in the Mighty Ducks fashion. The battle was NOT lost! As you can see from these amazing pictures. Shaun Weiss completely picked himself back up. Put on the biggest battle of his life and is now on his way to a full recovery. WHAT A VICTORY FOR GOLDBERG!!! πŸ¦†πŸ†

For those reasons, this has been the signing that we've appreciated the most.Β And we'll just say: DUCKS FLY TOGETHER, we love you Shaun!!! Thank you for making us all proud and for being a role model.

With that said, GOLDBERG Signed masks are now available here! πŸ”₯: