Exclusive Glimpse & Presale: REVERSE RETRO Goalie Masks | Winter 2022 Collection!

We are sharing with you this Insider "Masks in the Making" glimpse at our WINTER 2022 Collection. Releasing Officially this December:


This collection is going to be MIND-BLOWING. Especially in person.
  • 8x Chosen Goalies in all
  • Signature editions
  • Premium Matte finishes for all masks
  • For the first time: Black Matte cat-eye grills on all!
  • Black finish interior
  • Custom black straps
  • Metallic step and repeat for all masks
Presale Reservation: Officially open with only $500 deposit. If you want to secure your 1st Edition Release before everyone. Only the 1st Edition Release will be inscribed in the inside. It's on! GO!

Chosen Goalies list:
-Joseph Toronto Reverse Retro - $1,995
-Belfour Toronto Reverse Retro - $1,995
-Belfour Chicago Reverse Retro - $1,995
-Potvin Toronto Reverse Retro - $1,995
-Fuhr Edmonton Reverse Retro - $1,995
-Brodeur New Jersey Reverse Retro - $1,995
-Hextall Philadelphia Reverse Retro - $1,995
-Richter New York Reverse Retro - $1,995