While you were sleeping, this amazing signing happened! ANDREI VASILEVSKIY - 2019 Vezina Trophy winner signed some tribute masks for us! This adventure was more thrilling than what I normally enjoy, thrill level wise. We had completed the mask urgently on Friday morning. The signing was on Sunday afternoon in Florida. Our #1 Vasy collector client lives all the way down in Florida. At 1 pm Friday afternoon, we urgently UPS the mask over to Rick, so that he can get it next day. Meanwhile Vasy is playing a game in Sweden that Saturday, and had to fly directly from the game straight to the signing, no rest in between. In the end a storm delayed our mask and something delayed Vasy's flight BUT the meeting still happened later on Sunday evening, and verdict: VASY absolutely LOVED the tribute mask, Rick now owns the missing piece to bring all his game worn Vasy equipment together AND we will have many newl VASY SIGNED VINYL EDITION masks ready on the time for this Christmas season!!! 🥂🥂🍾🍾🎄🎅