BREAKING: ROBERTO LUONGO Worn Goalie Mask 2008 Vancouver Canucks Marlene Ross on Lefebvre Protechsport

BREAKING: ROBERTO LUONGO Backup Practice Worn Goalie Mask!!! 💙💚💙
Let's start 2023 off in grandiose beauty. Roberto Luongo Signed Goalie Mask Backup Practice Worn 2008 Vancouver Canucks Lefebvre Protechsport Painted by Marlene Ross. Obtained from the original owner to whom it was gifted by a team executive in 2008 after it was used.
Funny facts about the mask:
1) It stinks
2) Roberto Luongo almost never ever signs goalie masks. This is actually the first time ever in 15 years of goalie mask collecting that we have seen an actual Luongo autograph on a mask. And it is most definitely the worst autograph I have ever seen. For that: It makes this mask even more special.
Go Bobby Lou!!!