BREAKING: GRANT FUHR Goalie Mask Signing Just In & Story Time!


The Grande Finale of our 4x Leafs Great Goalies signing of June is now fully complete! We were saving the best for last. Grant Fuhr. 5x times Stanley Cup champion has blessed our goalie masks, once again!

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Grant is the man, aka the Goalie God that helped bring our company to a whole new level. In 2019, I had just relocated to West Hollywood. Looking for new memorabilia business opportunities, when I reached out to Adam Scorgie, who was touring the release of Grant's lifetime documentary Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story (A BRILLIANT documentary!). Adam so awesomely told me: I'll have Grant call you directly regarding the merchandising of the movie. I was like "WHAT? GRANT FUHR? Calling me directly???"
Adam could have told me "Barack Obama will call you" and I'd be like "ya, cool man." But GRANT FUHR? That's legendary...and intimidating!!! I grew up watching Grant dominate with the Blues.

Grant ended up calling me just a few minutes after and I was expecting such a strict, serious business phone call. From dealing with tons of boisterous agents and egocentric lawyers, I was used to the drill. I also had this misconceived image of Grant Fuhr, being super tough and mean man. (Probably from watching him play in the days of the St. Louis Blues. With that mean, dark black beard on his face haha).

Much to my pleasant surprise. On the the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I actually had THE easiest, chillest, funnest, coolest conversation with a NHL goalie superstar that I have ever had before!
It went a little something like this:

-Andy: Hey Grant, our company is Goalie Mask Collector and we want to immortalize your autographs on timeless goalie masks
-Grant: Sure, I know who you guys are.
-Andy: So for your movie premiere in LA, I was thinking we can do signed limited editions masks of every single one of your masks
-Grant: Sure, I can make that happen. Those are my babies.
-Andy: And do you mind if we bring some extra artwork, posters and paintings for you to sign as well?
-Grant: Sure, that's not a problem.
-Andy: Cool! I was thinking we can bring a giant life size goalie mask too?
-Grant: Sure that sounds great, actually!
-Andy: And would you mind if my wife asks you to put the masks on your head when you sign them and also can we film a Q&A video for our Youtube channel to help promote the mask sales?
-Grant: Sure, it'll be my pleasure.
-Andy: And are you cool if we do the profit sharing of the merchandise sales x,y,z?
-Grant: Sure Andy, that sounds great with me! Ok bye bye now.

To this day: Grant Fuhr still remains my goalie superstar / business role model. Open, easy going, always smiling, relaxed, a calm boss man, caring, inviting and always making sure to benefit others before himself.

We've been working with Grant and Lisa ever since then. Lisa is Grant's amazing wife and agent. A super woman that makes it all happen. PR wise, signing wise, event wise, photo opportunity wise. As a matter of fact, it's Lisa that took this beautiful picture today! Here we have Grant, holding the special 1st Edition Gear Collection mask that we created just for him! A present that doesn't even begin to symbolize how special of place Grant has in our company's heart and history!

You can shop the fullย GRANT FUHR COLLECTION here